Anna Andrianova






My romance with the film industry began in February 2018. She was in charge of two departments at the same time (departments – loudly said..except for a couple of engineers – everything fell on my shoulders) at the Kinopolis Film Studio (ex. United Russian Film Studios) St. Petersburg … from maintaining all related documentation, to attracting customers, employees, employees, equipment purchases, sublease search, suppliers, project management control, organization of tenders and many others (I will indicate the projects in the appropriate column). She also organized presentations/master classes on Arri and Red cameras together with of. representatives of these companies.

Further, when I realized that the film studio had survived me like a lemon, and Peter was sick of it, I decided to move to Moscow. But, fortunately, while working at the film studio, I have already managed to get acquainted with all the main players of those. providing not only St. Petersburg, but also Moscow, respectively, did not have to move “to nowhere”. They immediately called Kirillin Kamers rental to them. There I was mostly engaged in creativity and PR (in addition to attracting new customers). She organized various master classes, seminars for students at film schools and VGIK, parties for filmmakers.

The biggest one is the New Year’s Eve party “Hat” 2019 for 100 people .

Then His Majesty Covid burst into our lives and there was no question of any events.

Then I accepted an invitation from Kinoarenda rental to the position of head. Then, at my request (because I initially warned that I would go into producing and only do technology – I don’t want to), another technical director was hired to replace me, and I continued to do what I was interested in – organizing events for filmmakers. (the largest is a film party for 200 people), released a branded merch for a movie rental and so on. I started producing projects in parallel (I will indicate the list in the appropriate column).

And so..everything went like clockwork, but in the summer after my next party in St. Petersburg, I fell ill with covid, got stuck in St. Petersburg for a month, treated insomnia, and so on. In general, it so happened that I dropped out of the movie life for the whole summer.

In the fall, she entered the Moscow Film School for the production program. She continued to do some work for a movie rental.

In the winter of this year, they were invited to several productions. I liked one, they started making plans and then BAM- it happened on February 24.

And so, when the “panic in my head subsided” – I produced two projects (for TNT Premier, a commercial “Russian Questions” and a music video). I realized that I already want to cling to a team of good guys and do cool things 🙂