The Life

The life

Афиша The Life
  • Year
  • Country
  • Duration
    12 min
  • Genre
  • Director
    Anatoly Tarabrin
  • Second Assistant Director
    Varvara Shepletto
  • DOP
    Mihail Dvorzheczkij
  • Production Designer
    Ekaterina Potapova-Perfileva
  • Costume Designer
    Olga Borisova
  • Makeup Editing
    Darya Vladimirova
  • Gafer
    Mihail Lapin
  • Cast
    Ekaterina Shpicza, Vera Kuzneczova, Sergej Serov, Valentin Afanasev


We hope to create a film that will make society and people think about how fleeting our life is, how little time we have, and how much we don't appreciate it. How we don't notice the most important people in our lives who are always there? How we are always looking for something and hurrying somewhere, getting confused about the values and definitions of happiness. in our film, we travel along the rails of the railway, which is symbolized by the train - the metaphorical space of the heroine of our film. and we can't get off the laid rails. somewhere, to the side, there is another train and another train on the next platform. of course, it is somehow better, more beautiful, and warmer, but, unfortunately, it is not ours. each person has his way, his rails...his train.


  • Ekaterina Shpicza

  • Vera Kuzneczova

  • Sergej Serov

  • Valentin Afanasev

    Second Lamplighter


  • Анатолий Тарабрин

    Anatoly Tarabrin

  • Варвара Шеплетто

    Varvara Shepletto

    Second Assistant Director
  • Кадры со съёмок The life

    Mikhail Dvorzheczkij

  • Ekaterina Potapova-Perfileva

    Production Designer
  • Olga Borisova

    Costume Designer