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Our life is a movie

The film is the life with which the spots of boredom were taken out.
(Cinema is life, from where the most boring scenes were cut out)
Mr. Alfred Hitchcock

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How we are working

stage 1


  • you leave an application
  • we are preparing the options for realisation and calculating the budget
  • we meet to discuss the details
  • we sign the contract and move on to work.
stage 2


  • assembling a team
    we form a team of professionals for your project, we select objects, equipment, light, conduct casting, coordinate shooting schedules.
  • we move on to filming
    we make a calendar plan of filming, bring the team to the shooting and control all stages.
  • post-production
    we assemble a post-production team, coordinate schedules and deadlines, adhere to estimates, complete the project.
stage 3


we pack your project and release it

our team

Mikhail Sukhorukov

Технический директор
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Сухоруков Михаил Сухоруков Михаил
Дмитрий Наумов Дмитрий Наумов
Анна Носуль Анна Носуль
Александр Дударев Александр Дударев
Варвара Шеплетто Варвара Шеплетто
More about our team

DreamVision is a 21st century film studio!

We are in every sense a new film company in Moscow. The implementation of the projects is aimed at creating not just bright films and clips with high-quality pictures, but also forcing viewers to live what is happening on the screen.

Using a non-standard approach

A team of talented enthusiasts who have a non-standard view of even standard processes is engaged in shooting movies. The availability of specialized knowledge and perfect equipment allows directors, screenwriters, artists, and cameramen to fully implement the most original ideas in practice .

Continuous development

One of the main objectives of our work is the desire to make modern filmmaking accessible to everyone. Anyone can provide us with a ready-made script and submit an idea that can serve as the basis for a full-fledged masterpiece film. For this reason, various competitions are regularly held, and materials provided by professionals and amateurs are analyzed.

Global goal

Russian film companies must use the best of the achievements of domestic and world art and technology, moving in their own unique direction. The example of our activity proves how high the interest in the film production of films in Russia is from the cultural community, investors, and ordinary viewers. Each of them may be on the other side of the screen.

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  • short movie
  • music video
  • promotional video
  • film
ATTACH THE FILE Be sure to attach a file with a brief description of your scenario. Applications are accepted only in word or pdf format, containing a synopsis or script, a logline, and a description of the characters. Any other formats - photos, screenshots and audio messages, applications without a script document or synopsis - will not be considered automatically