Do you have an idea or a script? Tell us

Work in the cinema is available to everyone!

DreamVision Studio holds script contests, in which absolutely anyone can take part. The use and development of this direction open up limitless opportunities for talented cinema lovers who dream of realizing their creative potential and bringing to life already-written scripts or newly conceived ideas.

Attention is paid to all participants

We are looking for scenarios that can surprise, touch, and delight the audience. No project will be left without the attention of the commission, consisting of experienced professionals with non-standard views on the surrounding reality and its reflection on the screen. This approach gives you a chance to start working in cinema, even without having specialized knowledge.

Providing comprehensive support

There will always be vacancies in cinema for truly talented and purposeful people. It is only necessary not to be afraid to declare themselves, using all available opportunities. This is exactly the opportunity that we provide. At the same time, we are looking not only for scenarios but also for ideas, providing comprehensive support for their subsequent practical implementation.

How to participate in the contest?

Those who want to try their hand at shooting movies in Moscow can fill out a special form on our website. Each application will be analyzed, and the authors of the most interesting and original projects will be able to become full members of our team.